ANC Check Up

As soon as the period is missed or within first three months of missing the period. Second ANC Check up In 4th – 6th month of pregnancy. Third ANC Check up In 7th – 8th month of pregnancy. Fourth ANC Check up In 9th month of pregnancy.

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ANC Follow up

We ensure that the pregnant woman and her unborn child are in the best possible health prior to delivery. We also wish that all pregnant women understand.

  • the best approach to safe delivery, and
  • the best way of bringing up their babies
Antenatal care provides counseling including: -
  • Counseling about the danger signs of pregnancy and delivery complications and where to seek care in case of emergency
  • Counseling on birth preparedness, emergency readiness, and the development of a birth plan 3)Providing advice on proper nutrition during pregnancy
  • Detecting conditions that require additional care and providing appropriate treatment for those conditions
  • Detecting complications that influence choice of birthing location
  • Supplying Iron and Folate supplement
  • Providing tetanus toxoid immunization
  • Providing voluntary HIV testing and counseling
  • Providing information about breastfeeding and contraceptives
  • Although pregnancy-related problems and complications can begin any time between visits to the facility, and inter-current diseases may occur throughout pregnancy, it is considered that asymptomatic disorders occurring between the scheduled visits will not cause harm until next visit. Such conditions, for example restricted fetal growth, will be diagnosed or suspected at the next regular visit and dealt with appropriately
  • Nutritional advice Personal hygiene - Safer sex - Importance of place of delivery and skilled birth attendant - Birth preparedness and emergency readiness, including planning referral facility, transportation, and blood transfusion - Newborn care, including breastfeeding and immunization - Family planning for child spacing.

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