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It is critical to have quality treatment before, during, and after your pregnancy. It can help your kid grow and develop, as well as keep both of you healthy. It is the greatest approach to ensure that your child has a healthy start in life. You must need to consult with a pregnancy care specialist in wakad, PCMC, Dr. Ponam Patole at Mamta Hospital, who specialises in high-risk pregnancies.

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Prenatal Treatment:-

Prenatal care reduces pregnancy risks and enhances the likelihood of a safe and healthy birth. Prenatal checkups can assist your doctor in monitoring your pregnancy and identifying any abnormalities or concerns before they become serious.

Babies born to moms who did not get prenatal care had a threefold increased risk of being born with low birth weight. Low birth weight babies are five times more likely to die than babies whose moms got prenatal care.

Prenatal care should begin at least three months before you begin attempting to conceive. Among the beneficial behaviors to adopt at this time are:

● abstaining from smoking and drinking alcohol
● taking folic acid vitamins on a regular basis (400 to 800 micrograms)
● speaking with your doctor about your medical problems, dietary supplements, and any over-the-counter or prescription medicines you are using avoiding all contact with poisonous substances and chemicals at home or work that might be detrimental

During Pregnancy:-

When you get pregnant, you'll need to make frequent medical appointments at each stage of your pregnancy. A visit schedule may include visits to your doctor:

Every month for the first six months of your pregnancy, every two weeks for the seventh and eighth months of your pregnancy, and every week for the ninth month of your pregnancy During these sessions, your doctor will examine both you and your baby.

Visits might include:

● regular screenings and testing, such as a blood test to check for anemia, HIV, and blood type
● keeping track of your blood pressure
● calculating your weight increase
● Monitoring the baby's development and heart rate, as well as discussing particular diet and activity regimens
● Later visits may entail assessing the baby's position and seeing changes in your body as you prepare for birth.
● At certain phases of your pregnancy, your doctor may also provide customised lessons.

These classes will include:

● discuss what to expect when pregnant prepare you for the delivery give you basic infant care skills
● If your pregnancy is deemed high risk due to your age or medical issues, you may need more frequent checkups and particular care. You may also need to consult with a specialist who specialises in high-risk pregnancies.If you need gynecologist in Wakad, you must visit Mmata HospitaL Wakad.

Postpartum Support

While the majority of emphasis in prenatal care is focused on the nine months of pregnancy, postpartum care is also vital. Beginning immediately after the baby is born, the postpartum phase lasts six to eight weeks.

During this time, the mother undergoes significant physical and emotional changes as she learns to care for her infant. Postpartum care entails adequate rest, nourishment, and vaginal care.

Getting Adequate Sleep

Rest is essential for new mothers who need to regain strength. To avoid exhaustion as a new mother, you may need to:

When your infant naps, you should sleep as well. To make night feedings easier, place your bed near your baby's crib and allow someone else to feed the infant with a bottle while you sleep.

Eating Healthily

Because of the changes your body goes through throughout pregnancy and birth, getting optimal nutrition in the postpartum period is critical.

The weight you acquired throughout pregnancy aids in ensuring that you have adequate nutrients for breast-feeding. However, you must continue to consume a nutritious diet after giving birth.

Breast-feeding women should eat whenever they are hungry, according to experts. Make a concerted effort to eat just when you are hungry, rather than when you are busy or weary.

Stay away from high-fat snacks. Eat low-fat foods that are high in protein, carbs, and fruits and vegetables. consume lots of fluids

Vaginal Hygiene:-

Vaginal care should be an important element of new moms' postpartum care. You may encounter:
urination issues such as discomfort or a frequent desire to pee discharge, including tiny blood clots contractions during the first few days after birth Schedule a six-week visit with your doctor to discuss concerns and obtain correct treatment. You should avoid sexual activity for four to six weeks after giving birth to allow your vagina to recover properly.

If your pregnancy is deemed high risk due to your age or medical conditions, you may require more frequent checkups and special care. You might also need to see a specialist who specialises in high-risk pregnancies. Mamta HospitaL Wakad is the place to go if you need a pregnancy care Doctor in Wakad.

About Dr. Poonam Patole - Best Gynecologist in Wakad Pune

Dr. Poonam Patole of Mamta Hospital Wakad is the best Gynecologist and Pregnancy Care Specialist in Wakad, Hinjewadi, PCMC, and the entire Pune. Expectant mothers receive prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) care during their pregnancy. Pregnancy Care consists of Pregnancy Check-Up,Bad Obstetric History,High Risk Pregnancy, Multiple Fetal Pregnancy,Chorionic Villus Sampling,Intrauterine Fetal Blood Transfusion, and Legal Abortion, among other things.

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