Painless Delivery in Wakad

Mamta Hospital stands out as a premier maternity facility in Wakad, setting a benchmark for painless deliveries not only in Wakad but across the entire Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) area. Our painless delivery option utilizes advanced regional anesthesia, specifically epidural anesthesia, to ensure optimal pain relief during natural labor.

Administered through a carefully placed injection in the lower back of the mother, epidural anesthesia is a highly effective method that typically takes about 10-15 minutes to take effect. This approach prioritizes the comfort and well-being of mothers during the childbirth process, exemplifying our commitment to providing best maternity care at Mamta Hospital Wakad Pune.

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What is Painless Delivery?

Painless delivery is a method of achieving pain relief during natural labor through the use of regional anesthesia. Epidural anesthesia is administered via an injection in the lower back of the mother, and it typically takes about 10-15 minutes to take effect. This option is especially beneficial for women with a lower pain tolerance who might otherwise consider a C-section.

The advantages of epidural:-

  • 1. Natural Childbirth Experience: Painless delivery allows women to experience natural childbirth with minimal intervention, contributing to a reduction in elective C-sections in India.
  • 2. Flexibility and Options: Women have the choice to opt for an epidural during labor if they find the pain unbearable, are fatigued from pushing, or in the case of emergencies that may necessitate an urgent C-section.
  • 3. Focus on Delivery: By alleviating pain, epidural anesthesia enables mothers to concentrate on the delivery process. It serves as a relaxation aid, preventing exhaustion and irritability commonly experienced during childbirth, thereby reducing the risk of postpartum complications.
  • 4. Facilitates Descent of the Baby: Epidural anesthesia helps the baby descend more easily by relaxing the pelvic and vaginal muscles.
  • 5. Blood Pressure Regulation: It assists in regulating the mother's blood pressure, preventing dangerous spikes during labor..

If you're pregnant and seeking a painless delivery, your solution is here at Mamta Hospital, the best maternity hospital in Wakad, PCMC. We specialize in providing painless delivery services. For the best painless normal delivery specialist in Wakad and the entire PCMC region, contact Mamta Hospital. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. Book your appointment with Dr. Poonam patole (best gynecologist in wakad)

About Dr. Poonam Patole-Best Painless Normal Delivery Specialist in Wakad at Mamta Hospital

Dr. Poonam Patole is a trustworthy painless normal delivery specialist in Wakad and the entire PCMC. In other words, a painless delivery is a regular delivery without the pain! Mothers in labour are spared the pains of a normal delivery when epidural anaesthesia is administered, and this is the most commonly used method for painless labour during childbirth. Do you require a painless delivery in Wakad? at Mamta Hospital has painless normal delivery specialists in wakad, PCMC.

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